AGA reports over 31 million Americans will wager on the Super Bowl this year

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is reporting its most recent research involving sports betting in the United States. The group revealed that a total of 31.4 million Americans plan to wager on the upcoming Super Bowl LVI, a large 35% increase from the 2021 event. It is estimated that as much as $7.61 billion will be wagered on the game, up 78% from last year’s game.

Survey Results

From the survey, the AGA was able to determine how players plan to bet as well as who they would bet for regarding the upcoming game. Over 18 million bettors will wager online, at a retail sportsbook, or with a bookie. This is more than 70% than last year.

A total of 18.5 million people plan to wager with friends in a casual setting or take part in a square or betting pool. This is more than 23% higher than the figures from 2021. Bettors are also using legal operators more than ever, most likely due to the expansion of sports betting services in the US. From the research, 76% of bettors say they will use a legal operator, 11% higher than last year.

This year’s Super Bowl will be the Los Angeles Rams taking on the Cincinnati Bengals. More bettors are positive that the Rams will win, as the study showed 55% plan to wager on the team. The remaining 45% have chosen the Bengals.

AGA President and CEO, Bill Miller, commented on the results by stating:

“The results are clear: Americans have never been more interested in legal sports wagering. The growth of legal options across the country not only protect fans and the integrity of the games and bets, but also puts illegal operators on notice that their time is limited.”

It seems that bettors are also seeing more sports betting advertising connected to responsible gaming. The survey revealed that 41% can recall such advertising within the past year, which is an increase of around 12%.

Much Larger Market in 2022

When comparing 2021 and 2022, it is important to note that the market is larger this year. Currently, 30 states plus Washington, D.C. offer services, and three more areas are expected to launch this year. In general, 45 million more American residents can wager legally now within their home state than last year.

Since the previous Super Bowl, several states have launched services including Arizona, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and others. As more states offer services, the opportunity for more players to take part increases as well.

It will be interesting to see just how many players wager on this year’s game and which states are able to bring in the most revenues based on bettor participation.

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